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About Noma

Noma Sushi originally opened in 1982 and ownership change took place in 2007.  With its calm and quiet traditional Japanese ambiance and music in the background, this location attracts the older generation as well as the surrounding vocational college students and local hospital staff.  This location carries an extensive vegetarian meal in addition to the traditional Japanese meal.  Its location is ideal for office meetings and banquets.


The sushi chefs at Noma are extremely creative.  There are several occasions when a customer comes in and is unsure of what to order from the broad selections of menu items.  Customers simply ask our chefs, “What would you recommend?”.  Their response would be, “Just let me know what you don’t like.”  From then on, the sushi chefs create a variety of amazing dishes and the customers fall in love with it.  There are a few dishes named after the likings of certain clienteles.


This location provides numerous vegetarian dishes as well as fusion rolls for those who recently turned into sushi lovers, as well as traditional Japanese cuisine for those who have extensive knowledge of authentic Japanese food. Noma Sushi managed to consistently satisfy its clienteles needs even after the ownership change.  They kept many regular customers from its original Noma to current Noma under M & J Management Company, in addition to attracting many new clienteles.



Alex K. Santa Monica, CA

“ Best sushi on the westside. I'm a local Santa Monica guy and I wish I would have found this spot sooner. ”


Louise E. Santa Monica, CA

“ Noma always delivers and everything we've had so far has been amazing.  I've never had a disappointing bite yet. ”


Karen N. Miami Beach, FL

“ I wish I lived in Santa Monica- we would be here every week! ”

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